The Benefits of Cadmium Plating

With its extremely robust, tough, and multipurpose coating, the demand of cadmium plating has been continual over the centuries. The major clients of electroplating cadmium include aerospace, electronics, defense services and automotive industries. In addition, cad plating are widely employed in almost all offshore projects due to its adaptability to salt-water environmental exposure. By nature, it is soft, extremely malleable and when plated against cast iron, soft iron, steel, powered metal it performs the role of a high class sacrificial coating on the material surface and enhance their resistance to all possible corrode and oxidation.

In order to enhance the corrosive aptitude of cadmium plating, specialized electroplating companies can make use of chromate conversion layer once the metal is plated. With this, the metal finish yield gold shiny color which not only durable but also carries higher aesthetic value to clients and its users.

Key Benefits of Cadmium Plating

Having been equipped with multiple features, cadmium plating offers large-scale benefits to the industries.

Excellent Corrosion Resistance

The whole objective of cadmium plating on different objects is achieving intensely resistive metal surface to corrosion and oxidation. With the unique feature, cadmium plated nuts, bolts connectors and other components are used widespread in industries such as electronic, electrical, aerospace, mining, automobile, shipping, agriculture and defense. When it comes to aviation, aerospace or offshore industries; the range of machineries, metal components, skeleton framing to fastener experience maximum exposure to environment factors from air, water to UV rays and extreme humid to salty weather condition. Which is why, the sectors prefer to go with hardwearing components plated with cadmium supplies.

Fantastic to Add Adhesive Feature

The material surfaces treated with cadmium coating gain the great property of bonding to other objects with adhesive feature. Bonding character is extremely demanding in wide range of applications such as, skeleton framing to aircraft manufacturing, engineering projects, shipbuilding and more. Having adhesiveness also adds superior solderability character to plated bolts, nuts, and hardware elements, which becomes essential in engineering, be it electronics or aircraft.

Maximum Lubricity

Cadmium plating items effectively enjoy improved lubricity, which makes them ideal for employing as moving parts of machineries. Since rotary jobs tend to produce natural friction as well as resistance between the objects, with this type of coating, possible galling can be avoided which improves functioning of machinery parts and increases efficiency. Industries that often require eyebolt fasteners screw and anchor should always go for components with cadmium coating. Opposed to zinc, cadmium can retain its original appearance in a better and longer way in industrial environment and marine areas.

Great Aesthetic Value

As a major byproduct of Zinc, components plated with cadmium finished found in White (equivalent to silver plating) Gold, Olive, and Black colors. Due to their high-class luster and great look, they are top demanding in home base hardware industry to decorative items.

Other Benefits

• High conductivity and low electrical resistance;

• Encouraging galvanic-friendliness with Aluminum;

• Resistant to growth of bacteria and mold;

• Friendly as a paint base;

• Can be placed on a series of materials like steel, copper, iron, copper, brass and aluminum;

Wide Application of Cadmium Plating Components


Components used on flight-critical machineries and aircraft parts typically use spares and elements with cadmium coating, which go hand-to-hand as galvanic coupler with aluminum and mate stainless steel parts.


Radiator pipeline fittings, disc brake, door latches, and other delicate components.


Chassis, relays, connectors, assembling components and more.

Consumer Products

Home construction items from door and window hardware to locking system.

Engineering project works

Varieties of components likely to sit in extreme environmental are predominantly consumed with necessary cadmium plating.


Components and fasteners get exposure to fresh and salt water makes use components plated with cadmium.

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