Some Characteristics of Handheld Engraving Machines

Machine engraving is a too important procedure in the manufacturing process for product identification in the production line and for marking the brand name and product information. Actually marking or engraving is more durable and inexpensive compared to stickers or nametags and this largely contributed to the popularity of engraving machines. From marking a logo to the company brand name to the manufacturing information like batch number, date of manufacturing to alpha numeric codes engraving process ensures marking all kinds of relevant information on the product. There is an array of marking machines and technologies to get diverse marking and engraving tasks done. Besides large engraving machines handheld machines also became popular as they are handy and easy to maneuver in a variety of settings. Moreover, they are also known for least footprint and hence is space saving as well. Modern hand held engraving machine or portable marking machines also come with user friendly control panel and software to guide the marking and engraving process.

Various types of Marking Machines

Before we venture to concentrate on handheld engraving machines we must have a brief overview of various types of engraving machines used in different manufacturing environments. Among the most used and advanced marking and engraving machines we must name laser marking machines and dot peen marking machines before all. These two broader categories of marking machines can further be classified into various sub types. For example, laser machines can be of various types like Fiber laser marking machines, CO2 based laser marking machines, etc. Similarly, there can be various types of dot peen marking machine like the desktop ones and the handheld one.

Dot Peen Marking Machine

Basically dot peen marking machines use pneumatic stylus or marking pin for producing marking impression consisting of closely knit tiny dots. Because of using pneumatic marking pin this type of marking machines are referred as also pneumatic marking machines. Dot peen marking machines typically produces the marking impression by coming into contact with the product surface. As per the size, ergonomics and placing of the device in marking task these machines are broadly categorized into two types, respectively as, handheld machines that are portable in size and offers a handy ergonomics and the larger sized desktop machines.

Handheld Dot Peen Marking Machine

Handheld dot peen marking machines offers the same dot peen marking technology but they are handy and portable to be held by the operator in hand. As these machines offer better flexibility of use because of not being attached to a place they are extremely useful across diverse industrial and manufacturing environment.

Benefits of handheld marking machine

In spite of being smaller in size and portable enough, these machines offer all the functionalities and effectiveness that one can demand from this marking technology.  Besides the advantage associated with less footprint and flexibility there are other advantages as well that make this marking machine one of the most preferred one across diverse industrial atmospheres.  Let us discuss below some of the key benefits of using handheld marking machine.

•  These machines are more compact and take fewer footprints making them ideal for even small units where here is a space constraint.

•  Moreover, just because of smaller size and portability they just can be carried easily and comes handy in marking relatively inaccessible areas.

•  Unlike the desktop variants handheld dot peen machines have an inbuilt CNC controller for ensuring precise marking impression. While you can get the same control and precision as with a desktop machine it offers the ease of portability.

•  Equipped with good quality handgrip and ergonomic design handheld engraving machines are more user optimized compared to the desktop variants. The lighter weight and compact design further adds to the user comfort.

•  In spite of being smaller in size these machines are actually more efficient in performing marking and engraving tasks. Typically for marking product surfaces that cannot be easily reached by large sized machines, this type of machines comes as handy and useful.

•  For marking delicate and movable objects these machines are particularly useful. This is why this type of portable markers is widely used across diverse industries like medical, automobile, engineering, military and many others.

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