Powder Coating: Types and Benefits

More and more industries look for powder coating services to achieve premium class robust metal finishing with maximized production and enhanced efficiency that is cost-effective, consistent, and compiling with environmental concerns.

With a variety of coating options, providers of power coating services enable enterprises to choose the most ideal type of power coating to meet to the need of the application. While, thermoplastic and thermoset are two basic types of powder coatings, with a series of sub-varieties, coating industry is enriched to offer most specific kind of finishing with highest quality standard.


Synthetic thermoplastic powders are ideal for industries that require recycling or reforming of materials since by nature, thermoplastic materials can be melted in high temperature. On the other hand, they’re ideally not recommended for produces that has possibility to intense heat exposure.

 Nylon

Apart from high durability and crash resistive capacity, the best attribute of Nylon coating is, it’s 100% protective to solvents and chemicals. This makes them FDA approved power costing choice, ideal for industries like home products for dishwasher baskets and food handling accessories. They are also used for gears and conveyor products.

 Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Akin to Nylon, PVC coatings is also fitted with FDA approval due to their non-toxic nature to food product contact. With smoothness, flexibility, and resilience, the coating type has high demand in food product applications. PVC is also used in electrical applications for being great insulators.

 Polyolefin

Polyolefin is highly resistive to chemical exposure and abrasions and has first-rated adhesion properties. This makes them ideal for lab tools and chemicals that need normal hygiene and cleaning.

 Polyester

Polyester coatings are greatly weathered to stand natural abrasions that make them ideal for outdoor furnishing, construction, and automobile parts industry. A series of polyester powders are approved for building exterior applications that are vulnerable to fading.


Unlike thermoplastic groups, thermosets are non-reversible once baked. With rock-solid coating nature thermosets, can stand temperatures over 1,000 degrees F. Thermosets are harder and thicker coat option opposed to thermoplastics but also brittle.

 Epoxy

Durable epoxy coated substrates works fantastic as electrical insulator. They are vulnerable to fading when exposed to sunlight UV rays. Mostly epoxy-coated finished items are used for indoor applications and underground pipeline coating.

 Epoxy-Polyester Hybrid

Coupled with polyester, the hybrid plastic coating demonstrates them superior in terms of epoxy and used for outdoor applications too. With less chalking and superior weathering they perform equivalent to pure polyesters when it comes to durability and resistance. Key applications include toys, office furniture, home furnishing, and fire extinguishers etc.

 Acrylic

Acrylic has wide market acceptance due to their enduring ability to UV rays, high shine and similar to wet painting finishes in color or clear. The powder coating services have vast demand in automotive industry for finishing of wheel accessories, engine parts.

 Silicon-Based Powders

With ability to withstand temperature more than 1000 degree F, silicon based powders are extensively used for baking stand and barbecue, motorcycle parts, automotive items etc.

Five Key Benefits of Power Coating Services

Superior Performance

When it comes to durability, powder coating shows incredible performance and once cured; they offer high-class resistance to all possible abrasion, crash, corrosion, as well as exposure to UV rays. With professional powder coating services, you can get coating ranging from less than 1 to 20 micron thick for your custom-made product finishes.

Cost Effectiveness

One of the best benefits of power coating is whatever thickness you need, that can be effectively achieved in single application and cure cycle. Thus, time spend toward waiting to apply next layers doesn’t apply that saves time, manpower as well as amount of powder cumulating to cost benefit.


Powder coating services offer clients with the finest class of metal finishing. This becomes attainable since electrostatically coating automatically level the coat that reduces all risks of unevenness or dripped coating, often occur in case of wet painting. Not only it produces smooth constant coating quality but eliminates the possibility of dripping.


Being wonderfully ductile and malleable, power coating can be accompanied on various kinds of base materials that they adhered to. Coatings types like epoxies have excellent collision standing capacity that reduces risk of chipping during transport or due to clash with their counterparts. The class of bonding makes it possible.


With no harsh chemical contains and solvents like VOCs, power coating services is all time best coating process and friendly to environmental issues.

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